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Where else did you eat?

I take a picture of most meals so I have to show them somewhere!

This post is still a work in progress, only parts are finished, coming soon!
So where else did you eat beside DU MEXIQUE, Peter's Restaurante and La Habichuela

Let me start with dinners. The first night I just went to anything that was close by. I had a rice chick and cheese in tin foil and, at another restaurant close to by Airbnb, a grilled onion plate.


The second night I ate at Dublin Irish Pub that is right on top of the Beer Box. I have already told the story in my Beer Box post. I really enjoyed the chicken and chips! And, I had a second meal that same night at Beer Box.

In NH I am very careful about what I eat. My phrase is that if rabbits don't eat it, I probably should not either. Eating light, for me, is all about fighting the Diabetes. Normally when I am on the road, I don't fight the food fight. I eat what I want within reason. On a trip like this, where I was riding and walking so much, I ate as much and as often as I wanted. As far as weight, it worked out. I did not put on weight.

For lunches,

For breakfast, I mainly ate fruit at 5:30am. I started off with strawberries that I bought at Walmart. Once those were gone, I did grapes for a couple days. Then the last 3 days I did catelope. I never drank tap water. I washed my fruit in bottled water. I brushed my teeth with bottled water. I did consume some water of unknown origin as ice in martini or margarita etc. My guess is that Cancun has figured out the water issue. They know that if gringos get sick, it does not bode well for business. If someone knew the story, I bet it would turn out that at some point a US level water treatment plant was installed and the whole area, not just the Hotel Zone, works off of it. It would be interesting to know. I don't remember any stomic upset at all.

I bought water from the local 7/11 type store that is called oXXo. I bought a couple liter bottles but once they were gone I filled them from my 2 gal? wopper. I went through 2 of the woppers. I drink water when I get up to go to the bathroom at night so I always have a liter bottle full on the sink.

I did eat breakfast food "from away" twice. The first time was my first day, before I had gone to the Walmart. But after I had gone to the local bank machine and gotten some pesos. I had an egg and beans and even took a picture of the menu.


I did have two breakfast items that were not just fruit.

8.9.10 show the bus station
14,15 shows the first dinner at Dublin Irish Pub

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