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The Airbnb Rooms?

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So, what did the rooms look like?


There are 3 rooms, as you will see. This is the main room, where I sleep. There is an air conditioner on the wall to the right and you can see the black tower fan on the floor. I'm drying my cloths on chairs. I get back from riding at 8:40ish and start drying the cloths. Note the bike lives next to my bed.
I use the cupbard doors for additional drying. You can also see the computer on the table. The first thing I do, after getting off the wet cloths, is to write an email to the family about the days ride. I sometimes include another note or two but mainly it is about the ride.
Below, you are looking the other way. The door to the outside is on your left. The room to the left is the kitchen and the room to the right is the bathroom. Note the umbrella in its place of glory. I really used it a lot the first couple days but then things improved. And, I never had to skip a ride!
You can see my big bottle of water on the counter.
A riding shirt is on the door knob. I would move things as they got dryer. They started out on the chair next to the air conditioner and then moved to less important places as they got dryer, to make room for what was wetter!

Then 3 pictures of the outside. The first shows the actual apartment. It is to the right of the Orange door and roof. My rooms are under the tree. Behind you is a little park and the next two pictures are of it.

Below is the Palace Casino, the gambing operation. It is about 70 yards from my house. You just come out the door, turn left and it is the first building. Never had any problem with noise or people or anything. I could have been miles out in the country as far as I knew once I was inside.


Down at the end of my street, the other way from the Casino, is a oXXo convenience store. Every morning there is a man selling an egg taco? Most evening this young lady is selling corn meal in a corn husk. I had to try one. I bought it and took it to eat at the Beer Box. One was enough. The morning egg item was actually quite good. My picture of it is in with the non-high-end eats post.


Street food is all over Cancun. The taxi drivers seem to be big customers. But there are not enough taxis to keep all the vendors in business so lots of other people must be buying also.

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